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As we approached our first year of going vegan we recognized the importance of community.  Nearly one year to the day of going vegan, Together Vegan Change was born. We both felt this was something necessary for this region as a means to support the vegan community and most importantly to spread this message of compassion and love for all beings, to all beings.


Our goal is to provide a space where local vegans can come together in support of each other and get involved in effecting change locally and globally. Whether discussing how we can spread our message of veganism, having great conversation over delicious food, visiting a farm animal sanctuary, or discussing the challenges we face as vegans, let’s support each other! Centered in Rockland County, we welcome new and seasoned vegans to join our group and share their ideas and personal experiences.


Together Vegan Change stresses the importance of going vegan for the animals while recognizing the positive impact to our health and the environment. Going vegan is the least we can do. In this group we will also learn powerful strategies and develop effective tools to best communicate our important message that going vegan is crucial to the abolition of animal exploitation in all forms.


If you are a local vegan and would like more information about joining this group, please send us a message.  We will have monthly meet-ups where we will have the opportunity to meet in person and discuss various topics, opportunities for activism, and share in delicious, local vegan eats whenever possible.​

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