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Together Vegan Change has also began working locally with wildlife and domestic animal rescue. 



If you ever see injured or orphaned wildlife (birds large or small, fawn, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, geese, coyote/fox with mange, seagulls, turtles, etc.) give us a call immediately.

Over the years of doing this work we've made relationships with the best vets, licensed rehabilitators, and rescues and know who to bring specific animals to.

You can save our number in your phone as Jamie Wildlife (easy to search that way) if you ever need to call or text me 845-206-9532.


1. Always be on the looks out for feral and stray cats who may not be spayed/neutered. We have Havahart traps that can safely trap sick, injured, and stray kittens/cats. 

2. Become a short-term foster. We are in need of individuals who can foster stray kittens/cats while we wait for their spay/neuter surgery (1-7 days) and after their spay/neuter surgery (1-2 days for male, 2-4 days for female). The kitten/cat will be in a large dog crate, in a warm garage, spare room, or bathroom separated from other animals in the home.

3. Become a long-term foster. Foster a kitten/cat in your home until we find their forever home.

4. Adopt a kitten/cat from Animal Nation, FURRR911Hi-Tor Animal Shelter, Four Legs Good,

Wildlife emergency? Call or text 845-206-9532

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