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Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war. - MLK JR.

Activism takes many forms and it is all valuable.  The best way to stay updated and join in on various forms of activism that TVC organizes is to get on our mailing list. Whether new to activism or seasoned, let’s get together and effect change in our community! Below are several ways in which we organize activism events locally.


Anonymous for the Voiceless Rockland County, NY Chapter

AV is an animal rights organization that specializes in street activism. Through the use of local standard-practice footage, we expose to the public what is intentionally hidden from them when it comes to animal exploitation. Combining this with a value-based sales approach and resource literature, we equip the public with everything they need in switching to a vegan lifestyle. We hold an abolitionist stance on animal exploitation.


This form of activism includes two parts: “The Cube of Truth” and “Outreachers


Cube of Truth: Volunteers will stand in a square formation creating the “cube” while holding signs and laptops/TV screens that run looping footage of standard-practice animal exploitation in various industries within the US.  The Cube of Truth is a peaceful, static demonstration akin to an art performance with the aim of triggering public curiosity and initiating conversation on the topic of veganism and animal rights. Those in the Cube itself do not have to be vegan, but can provide support by participating.


Outreachers: Outside of the Cube are vegan “outreachers.”  The role of outreachers is to initiate a dialogue with bystanders who appear interested in the Cube demonstration.  In conjunction with the powerful footage that is played, through conversation and providing resources, the outreacher’s goal is to guide the bystander to their own conclusion that participating in animal exploitation in any manner is not acceptable and that transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

Vigils & Bearing Witness: The Save Movement

When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one,

but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to him who suffers, and try to help him. - Leo Tolstoy

The Save Movement uses the strategy of bearing witness to animals in their final moments as they approach slaughterhouses, live markets and auctions. Using a love-based community-organizing approach based on non violence, love and truth, the Save Movement advocates for veganism and activism, reinforcing the idea that everyone has the duty to bear witness. Similar to Anonymous for the Voiceless and our stance at Together Vegan Change, the Save Movement also has a zero tolerance approach to animal exploitation.

Bearing witness is being present in the face of injustice with the goal of providing comfort to, and raising awareness of the plight of farmed animals en route to slaughter. This is a very powerful form of activism, strengthening the resolve and importance of our work as individual activists as it is a very real reminder of exactly who we are fighting for. Being the person behind the camera documenting the scene makes the footage you show to friends, family, and social media followers even more powerful.

Marches and Protests

Marches and protests are organized by various organizations throughout the year.  Whether joining the yearly Animal Rights March (August 24th, 2019) or participating in smaller, more frequent marches and protests such as anti-fur, animal testing, and horse-carriage protests, we will update and help to facilitate trips to support these forms of activism for those who are interested.  We also plan to bring this form of activism closer to home.

Farm Animal Sanctuary Trips

One of our favorite ways to support the vegan message is to visit the individuals we are fighting for every day at a farm sanctuary.  These sanctuaries are places where animals rescued from the agricultural business are given care and sanctuary for the rest of their lives.  It’s a great opportunity to connect animals with people to advance veganism.


Visit a sanctuary and bring vegan and non-vegan friends alike to attend a tour or spend the day volunteering, which is a wonderfully rewarding experience.  If you can’t visit, they are rely on donations so feel free to give what you can, and maybe even sponsor a resident! Join our mailing list to keep up to date on our next group trip.


Nearby Sanctuaries include:

Skylands Animal Sanctuary @skylands_sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary @woodstocksanctuary

Catskill Animal Sanctuary @catskill_animal_sanctuary

Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary @tamerlainefarm

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary @safehavenfarmsanctuary

Documentary Nights

Our Documentary Nights are a great way to bring awareness to the community.  We highly encourage not yet vegans to attend as we watch eye- and mind-opening films that discuss and show the various benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and the detrimental impacts of continuing as a society and world with our current eating habits.  

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