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Because we are the most dominant species, that means we have a responsibility to care for

and look after those that are more vulnerable than us, not exploit them.

Together Vegan Change is a community-based resource and support system to help you align your every day actions with your core values.  It is our belief that the majority of people are compassionate and do not want to cause unnecessary harm or suffering to others, the environment, or to themselves. However, our day to day habits and traditions do not always reflect these values. We often feel stuck or as if any change is unattainable, and so we either make minimal or no changes at all. As with any patterns within our lives that do not align with our values, these habits can and should be broken.

Together Vegan Change was created by Jamie Surya and Andres Alves in recognition that the single most effective thing that an individual can do to reduce their environmental impact, improve their health, and minimize their unnecessary contribution to the suffering of countless innocent animals is to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Before it occurs, change seems challenging and sometimes impossible. We are here to show you the reality that making this transition is actually quite simple, and one of the most rewarding changes you will ever make.

Together Vegan Change has also began working locally with wildlife and domestic animal rescue. 

If you are interested in transitioning to a compassion-based vegan diet and lifestyle please explore this website both as a form of encouragement and as a resource. Send us a message with any questions or concerns you may have. For those that are already vegan, we’d love to meet you!  Send us a message or join us at our next meet-up!


  • To provide a strong community and solid support system amongst local, compassionate vegans with the goal of uniting to end animal exploitation in all forms by providing outreach, activism, and education.​

  • To provide resources, support and guidance to those interested in a veganism in order to facilitate a successful transition to the most healthful, compassion-based and earth-friendly lifestyle.


  • Compassion - Towards each other and all living beings.​

  • Education - To expose the truths that have been obscured by lies.​

  • Integrity - In fighting for what is right because it’s the right thing to do. ​

  • Advocacy - For the animals because we refuse to deny their personhood, sentience, individuality and their right to live their lives.​

  • Persistence - In fighting until we see the full realization of the change we demand.




Together Vegan Change was created by Jamie Surya and Andres Alves.  Upon going vegan they immersed themselves in all things vegan in support of the animals.  They continually researched animal harming industries, participated in various forms of activism, attended workshops and learned about diet and nutrition.


Throughout their journey they have shed tears of deep sadness and despair, and have also shed tears of sincere hope and gratitude knowing so many activists are persistently fighting alongside them for the same goal.


In just a short time, Together Vegan Change has grown so much.  We are moved by the connections we have made and so thankful to have met so many amazing vegans, activists, and people open to learning more about living a compassionate lifestyle.  We look forward to continuing to grow and spread this positive and necessary message together.


Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Jamie & Andres

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